Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Teaching Tips

6. Keep a private teaching Journal - This will help you prepare for your next day's teaching
session. Write down what you did and note down the comments of your students.
7.Organize your lessons by topics - One thing that I have noticed is that certain programs can be
chaotic especially, programs for adults. Let your students determine the topic.
8. Have a standardized lesson plan - The worst thing that can happen to a teacher is to be
unprepared. You may lose the respect of your students if you aren't prepared.
9.Have a back - up plan - You never know what's going to happen especially, when teaching
adult classes. You must have other exercises and materials lined up because you don't know
how fast a class will work per day.
10 . Explain the purpose of activities - Most students work better when they know why they are
being asked to do things in a certain way.
11. Use certain activities that stimulate the mind - Role playing is use ful in stimulating the
minds of the learners. Divide your students into groups and assign to them a particular
story. Let them study it and design a play. The students now will act and play their role in
the story.
12. Reduce your talk to a minimum level - It is more important for the students to talk more
than the teacher, because it means they are very enthusiatic to know more about the

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Teaching Tips for English ESLTeachers

1. Know the competency level of your students - This can be done by giving them a simple
oral and written diagnostic test. Be realistic regarding expectations. Some students may
be at a lower level and others at a higher level. By doing this, you can determine what kind
of approach and materials to use for a particular student.

2. Be able to plan ahead - By doing this youl'll be able to anticipate any concerns that may arise
along the way. Your work will be more organized and more comprehensive.

3. Keep on analyzing and thinking - Do this before teaching oral,visual, auditory and movement
l earning modules ( Kinesthetic).

4. Prepare your teaching aids beforehand - These are maps, pictures, charts, cards. Classify
them and make sure they fit in to the lessons you are teaching.

5. Make your students use vocabulary builder - This will be useful in their learning activities. It
will make classroom work fun and not boring.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Teaching English

Teaching English is a wonderfull job. It gives me the opportunity to impart to others what I know about the 4 communication skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. A lot of people need this to go further in their field of endeavour. Some teachers feel that this is a thankless job, since this needs a lot of planning, studying and dealing with people with different personalities. For me, I see this as gratifying especially, when I see my students improving. You have to love this profession to stay in it.

I've had the experience of teaching senior managers, supervisors and technical assistants of a large company and i tell you it is a challenge, but i never backed down. Later on, I was able to build up their enthusiasm by using different methods of learning and every one of my students who came to class every day improved.

For me teaching english is an art.